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Friday, June 3, 2016

P90X Day 16 - Sustainability

I'm beginning to wonder how long I can keep this up.

Today, I actually managed to get up on time and get to working out. It's a Plyo day, so the workout is under an hour, which does make things a little easier. (Most of the other workouts are 1:10-1:15, when you include Ab Ripper.) Still, when considering time to cool down, eat breakfast and shower, we're looking at approximately two-hours each and every day (or at least 6 out of 7). In order to leave on time for work, this means my alarm went off at 4:30a.

It went off at that time yesterday, too, but I shut it down and headed back to bed. I could hear the rain outside, which made me want to curl up under the covers for a bit longer. Plus, I knew that I had nothing scheduled after work and that my wife had plans, so an evening workout wouldn't be a problem.

There's less room in my schedule today, so it was more important for me to force myself into my shoes and down the stairs.

As I gathered up what I needed for the workout, I began to wonder about whether I can reasonably expect to get up at this hour each day to complete this high-intensity workout. There are a number of concerns.

The first is obvious - sleep. I tend to stay up until at least 10p most nights, which leaves less than 7 hours until I would need to be crawling out of bed. Go to bed earlier, you say? Sure, okay. Except that I have other aspects of my life that often keep me out to that hour or later. If I'm seeing theatre, I'm not home before 11. If I'm DOING theatre, it may not be until after midnight. And, come late July, I'll be directing theatre, so who knows what time that'll be.

The sleep schedule is workable, though, if I commit myself to it. Most of the shows I see are Thursday through Saturday, which works well with the timing of the program. There will be a few rough days, sure, but if I make myself get up early, there's a better chance of falling asleep earlier, so I just need to get over the hump.

My bigger question right now is about my body holding up. In theory, it should be getting stronger, but I still notice all the aches and creaks, and today, there was some clicking.

In fact, I stopped the workout one move in to check in with myself. The first set of squats set off a clicking just below my left knee. With the DVD paused, I checked it out. There was no pain and no discomfort beyond normal workout fatigue, but the click was more pronounced than I'd heard before. I've had similar issues in my right shoulder during some of the weight-intensive things. In that case, I haven't had any slow-developing pain, and my performance hasn't suffered, so I try to move in a way that prevents clicking and keep myself in check.

There was no way for me to do these squats without a click, but again, there was no pain, so I hit play and forged on, telling myself that the second there was pain, the workout was over. The click went away about 10 minutes into the workout, or perhaps the moves I did after that point didn't move my leg the same way.

Whatever the reason, I completed the workout without further issue. Now I'm a little sleepy and my legs are pretty tired, but I don't have to work out tonight, which is its own source of relief. I'm performing tonight, but have nothing scheduled tomorrow morning, so perhaps I can sustain this thing for one more day. But for 74?

I guess we'll see.

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