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Thursday, June 2, 2016

P90X Day 15 - No Nausea

It seems like a pretty low bar to set, really.

All I was hoping for in today's workout was to not feel sick to my stomach at the end. It hasn't happened yet with the chest and back days. It's odd, considering how little movement there is in the workout, but for some reason, this is the one that always seems to upset my body most. It was a big factor in taking a step back on Ab Ripper last week.

What it came down to was following Tony's first tip of the day: pace yourself. I made sure to set a pace that I at least had a chance of maintaining through the second round. There are still many limitations to what I can do. I'm certainly not ready to be in the next round of videos or anything, and I can't do any actual pull-ups after the first round. But I was able to do three of each kind in the first round, which is at least a minor improvement.

I set specific goals for the second half and made about half of them. The good news was that I really felt that I was doing as many reps as possible on each move. Especially the push-ups, I would try to get one more rep and fail, knowing that I'd gone as far as I could. 

With that knowledge, I fully expected to have the same reaction as the previous two weeks, but it turns out that my arms aren't the only parts of me getting stronger. For the first time, I finished C&B and headed into Ab Ripper without the sense of imminent vom. Again, it's not a high bar to set, but it's helpful for my general well-being.

This workout won't return to the schedule for six weeks, and in that time, theoretically, I'll have gotten significantly stronger. I hope, at that point, my numbers will be better than what I've seen so far.

But as long as I've got no nausea, I'll consider it a success.

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