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Saturday, January 2, 2016

30 Days

January 1st doesn't count.

It's a rule that the wife and I decided on several years ago. We'd agreed to attempt something we called Janu-water, which is simply what it sounds like. During the month of January, the only thing we would drink would be water. That meant no alcohol, no coffee, and (a bigger issue then than it is now) no Dr Pepper. A nice, clean way to start the new year.

After a particularly ambitious New Year's Eve, however, we both found our selves in desperate need of caffeine the next morning. We decided that the holiday itself shouldn't count, and anything we attempted for the month of January would be sufficient if it lasted for 30 days. And so it did.

This year, once again, we're taking a stab at Janu-water, with a few caveats. One is that an acting job that I will start at the end of the month will actually require me to drink non-water, so I'm excused for professional activities. We're allowed smoothies and/or protein shakes provided that they are connected to a workout and not just an excuse to drink something other than water. And of course, yesterday didn't count.

In fact, the other aspects of my "but seriously, this is the year" work all began this morning as well, with my first run and yoga session of the year. In addition, I did some reading in pursuit of another goal. In the coming twelve months, I plan to run 2,016 miles and read 20,160 pages. I like the synergy of the numbers.

What I will need to remember is that while these are indeed lofty goals, they are not unreasonable, so long as I approach them with intelligence and patience. I cannot simply divide the number of miles by the number of days and run that. I'm not yet in shape to do 35-mile weeks, so I've figured out a slow increase plan that will get me to my goal with a nice, slow build-up. And if I stick to that mileage plan for the first two months, I will give myself permission to register for the Minneapolis Marathon in June. Big goals, but simple steps.

Now if you'll excuse me, I need to refill my water.

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