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Sunday, January 5, 2014

The Real Challenge

The hard part really starts tomorrow.

Today, I went on my fifth run of 2014 (which I still have trouble typing). Every day, I've gotten out for at least 3 miles, in addition to some light upper body and core work. What I haven't done, really, is get up early to make it happen, and that's where the real trouble will come in.

Ideally, tomorrow morning my alarm will go off fairly early, and I'll be out the door well before dawn. I'll do my 3 miles, because I'm not looking to increase any mileage yet. Then, I'll be back in, complete the other 3 or 4 minutes of workout that I've got, and do a little blogging over breakfast. With plenty of time left, I'll be able to catch the headlines on Sportscenter, make myself a couple sandwiches for lunch, and maybe even enjoy some coffee before I actually hit the road.


I have to acknowledge, though, that this will be much easier said than done. First off, we've got the coldest night of winter ahead of us, a full 50 degrees down from yesterday's high temperature. And then there's the more basic issue: I hate mornings. I don't want to. In fact, those days that I actually get myself out of bed are some of my favorites, but it's still difficult.

I do have an advantage tomorrow, though. Pride. I have run every day this year so far, and I don't intend to let that streak go easily. Technically, I have time to run between work and rehearsal, but I hate running and not immediately following it with a shower. Not to mention that I won't have dumbbells or a pull-up bar to complete the rest of my workout. No, my best bet is to get it done early and use the time between commitments to get some reading done, as my library books are due back next Saturday.

So what are the odds I actually get up? Better than usual, I think.

But that's not necessarily saying much.

Day 5:
3.15 Miles
10 Reps

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