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Thursday, January 2, 2014

The Next Day

I'd like to say that my motivation shot me out of bed this morning and onto the roads.

But I would be lying to you, anonymous reader. And I think we're just too close for that.

No, I snoozed my alarm for somewhere around 2 hours this morning as I listened to the 20 mph wind cutting through the 34 degree air and realized that I wasn't going to be heading out there. Besides, with nothing on my schedule after work, I could always work out then.

That excuse will work for approximately one more day, however, as I pick up rehearsals this weekend, and won't really have time late at night for the workout. So, hopefully I can motivate myself in the morning, though if I can't, I can get one more day of being semi-lazy.

I still made it out this evening, though, and I've managed to sit down for a few minutes to write a blog post, too. Why? Because I'm finally, totally dedicated to working out? Nope. Because I couldn't say that I ran and blogged every day this year if I didn't do it today. And sometimes, that's all the dedication it takes. A little bit of pride that probably won't matter to anyone but me, but will, in fact, matter to me.

So I threw on some gloves and shoes and did another 5K run. They're not fast, these runs. Both of them have been more than 1:30 off my 10K pace, but the mileage is the important thing. The fact that I get myself out the door is the important thing. And despite the fact that my body is hurting in places that it hasn't in a while, I'm proud of the work I've done and looking forward to more. And that's the important thing.

Important to me, anyway.

Day 2:
3.17 Miles
10 Reps

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