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Friday, January 3, 2014

Adding Up

If tomorrow goes as planned, I will have run more miles already in January than I did in either December or November (or February, for that matter) of last year.

I had a pretty decent stretch of motivation from June through September while I prepared for the St. George Marathon, but other than that, last year was lackluster in the mileage department. Totaling 626 miles for the whole year, that's barely more than half what I ran in 2012, and less than half of my 2011 total.

In fact, it's highly possible that, by the end of next week, I will have run more miles than I did in 7 of the last 12 months. Theoretically, I could let this fact depress me for the time that I lost. Instead, I find it to be exhilarating, to know that I'm on my way to another fantastic year.

Okay, yes, it's a bit early to start talking about the year as a whole. I understand that. Still, it's a start.

And you've got to start somewhere.

Day 3:
3.29 Miles
10 Reps

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