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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Day 100

One hundred days ago, I made a commitment.

I decided that, in order to help preserve my ability to get up in the morning and put in the miles I will need to qualify for the Boston Marathon, I would not have another drink - not even a sip - until I qualify. I officially quit smoking on the same day. More than 14 weeks later, that side of things is going extremely well.

Now, for the actual running part, well, that's been a little less productive. Not entirely, but less than I would like. I've gotten in a couple of 20 milers, including one in the unrelenting hills of Virginia, Maryland and DC. I've got one more scheduled this coming Saturday, too, so I don't expect endurance to be a problem.

As to speed, I wish I had done more speedwork throughout this season. I've had plenty of fast runs, and I'm finding that my pacing is better than what I've had in recent months, but I would still be happy to get in a few half-mile repeats, and I've got three more sessions scheduled, assuming I get up for them.

Still, I'm feeling good. I'm feeling confident. 25 days to the marathon, and I'm healthy and running.

That's all I need.

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