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Monday, October 22, 2012


There's always something to be said for keeping yourself accountable.

In my case, today that thing is "whoops."

I grant that I haven't been very dedicated to this life goal of mine the last few months. Sure, I ran a marathon a couple weeks ago, but I wasn't trained. I wasn't blogging. There was very little about me that said "runner" through this summer. And it didn't help that I was involved in one gargantuan of a show, followed by directing another, which brought its own set of sleepless nights.

But now, the show has opened, and that means that after work, I get to go home. It doesn't sound like much, but it means a great deal when you're used to getting home after 10:00 every night. Tonight, it meant that, even though I did not run this morning, I still had daylight after work in which to complete a workout. And so I did.

With all this excitement and adrenaline, I dove back into my training spreadsheet with all the nerdy excitement that I could. I did a speed workout tonight, so I remembered my old speed work tracking sheet. I switched over to it and entered the date. Then I looked at the previous date. May 17th. Whoops.

Whether it was legitimate lack of time, injury, or just plain laziness, I have not been training. I have not been working toward my ultimate goal, and that is something that I need to do. Tonight, I'll go to bed early. I'll move my alarm away from my bed and go for a nice, easy, recovery run in the morning. I want to rededicate myself once again, but that never seems to work. For today, I'll promise myself that I will run tomorrow.

We'll deal with Wednesday when we get there.

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