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Monday, August 20, 2012

Would You Rather

Life is full of choices.

Very often, those choices are between what's easy or fun and what's smart. For example, should I stay up all night drinking, or wake up tomorrow and be conversational at a reasonable hour? Should I eat the healthy option, or pick the largest thing on the menu so that I have trouble walking down the street later? Should I get out of bed and run or, you know, not?

This past weekend, I made the fun choice every time, which is totally allowed every now and then. I was visiting friends whom I have not seen in quite some time, and we celebrated like the days of old. I regret nothing.

But today, I've started out with at least one good choice. I woke up on time (which I've determined to be an extremely early hour), and I completed my run. As a result, I get to blog, eat breakfast, make myself a lunch and watch a bit of Sportscenter before I leave for work. Victory is mine.

The run itself was difficult, to say the least. It's the longest run I've done in two months, and the high-spirited mirth of the weekend did not make that part of the challenge any easier. I was slow, but I didn't stop. I was tired, but I didn't quit. And in the end, what matters most is that I finished.

And that I make a similar choice tomorrow.

Monday's Run:
73 Degrees
5.15 Miles

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