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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Killing Time

I am trying to be more environmentally conscious these days.

The more accurate version of that sentence is that gas and water are freaking expensive, and I am trying to use less of them, and yay, that helps the Earth. Also, we recycle. Still, the big change for me recently has been my desire to use as little unnecessary water and gas as possible.

Water has been surprisingly easy to conserve. We merely take shorter showers and watch our behavior at the sink carefully. Since we get our drinking water from a Brita pitcher, it cuts down on wasted drops down the drain. Most effectively, we turned off the sprinkler system in our yard that we were unaware was even running. The things you learn at 2a.m...

Gas has been a little more difficult to drop, especially in recent weeks. I've gotten lots of little jobs here and there I help with the bills, which would be terrific if they weren't all north of Austin. When you live south and have to drive north, particularly at peak travel hours, something bad happens to your soul and your wallet. A 40-minute drive becomes a two-hour ordeal, composed mostly of angry shouting and pain in the left knee, should you be lucky enough to drive stick.

The bright spot here is that I've managed to combine most trips to accomplish more than one thing on each of these line drives. The downside is that the schedules don't alway line up. Today, for instance, I was done with job 1 at 5:30, but job 2 doesn't start until 8:00.

So I find myself killing time today. I got to experience an HEB Plus today, which was more exciting than expected, and now I sit at McDonald's writing a blog post on a phone. I'm cooling my heels waiting for my next big thing.

It's like the taper in my training. I did a lot, and now I anxiously wait through extended down time for the event at the end. So I eat and wander, and I plan how great the next step is going I be.

And then I'll drive back home.

Thursday's workout:
78 degrees, sunny
1 mile warmup
6x800, 1:00 rest
2:32 2:30
2:30 2:30
2:28 2:30
1 mile cool down

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