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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Mile Zero

Did I forget to do something today?

No. No I didn't.

Because for the first time this year, I wasn't planning to run today. I gave my legs (and brain) a much-needed rest, and instead of running, I made burritos. And read. And soon, I'll be going to bed. Early.


It's always odd writing about something that didn't happen. I found myself, several times throughout the day, wanting to do something physical, to the point that I was looking up punching bags online. I was just about to head to the garage to do some weights, when I remembered why I was resting. My body needed a break, and I was going to take it. That's how I'll get stronger.

And tomorrow should be a good day. If all goes according to plan, I'll be in bed within the hour. Using general sleep cycle numbers and my own personal habits (yeah, I've thought about this), this should put me in perfect position to get up right on time and head out the door for some speed work in the morning.

I'll be done with that nice and early, and might even get started at work earlier in the day, meaning I'll be done earlier in the day as well. I'll be able to make dinner and work on a few projects I've been putting off throughout the house. Additionally, the fact that I've front-loaded the hours in my week means that I don't have to work at all on Friday, leaving the day open for running, reflection, and rest in preparation for Saturday's long run which WILL be successful.

Optimism is fun, if not easily obtained.

My point of view on life today is brought to you by not running. Instead of looking at it as a failure to run, I'm choosing to see it as a victory over exhaustion. By taking just one day off a week, I'm already seeing things more clearly and with a renewed vigor and enthusiasm.

What a difference nothing makes.

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