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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

The 99

Until today, I really did not want to go for any of my runs this week.

I'll go through swings where I'm excited to get out the door every day and others where I have no desire to run whatsoever. At the end of last year, one of those latter swings led to me complete very few miles from October through the end of December. While I keep reading quote after quote about people who live for their daily run, the simple fact is that sometimes I don't have the motivation.

I tend to feel really motivated in one phase of my life at a time. It's not an actual decision that I make, so much as an unfortunate coincidence. If I could get myself into a regular routine, perhaps I would have a better shot at splitting my focus effectively.

But I'm still working on that. The simple fact is that with a show closing and a busy month at work, my running hasn't had the kind of priority status that it could. You may notice the recent lack of blog posts, as I haven't found anything particularly interesting in the runs that I have completed. Still, I have managed to keep it as a part of my life, and each day, I've gotten out for my miles for one main reason. The streak.

Today was day 99 of straight running. While I did not want to get out the door Sunday or Monday, I simply could not stop at 95 days. No, no. You can't get that close to triple digits and walk. Or not walk. Sit. Whatever it is. You can't do it. So I ran Sunday afternoon and Monday evening to keep the streak alive. And Tuesday, my first steps were just as unenthusiastic. But something happened. After a mile or so, I felt the tension in my legs release, and with it went the stress of the day. I glanced down at my watch and saw my pace was faster than I had anticipated. I felt revived.

For three miles or so. Then the sun started to get to me. On a long, hot incline, I began to feel little tweaks and twists in my leg muscles, and I wondered if maybe it was time to take a break. But a little voice popped into my head. It hadn't been a good couple of days, and I really wanted a win. Not yet, said my voice. No walking yet.

The sun got hotter and my legs got tighter, but the voice got louder. I actually decided on a place to stop at one point, but when I got there, my legs kept moving. Don't stop. Keep running. So I kept moving, maintaining a surprisingly quick pace. There were a few short stops for traffic lights, but still, movement.

I felt incredible as I finished yesterday's run, and it made today's run so much better. Of course, it helped that I only had a quick recovery 5K, but I knew going in that the run would make me feel better, and I was right.

Tomorrow, I will celebrate my 100th straight day of running in the only fitting manner.

With speed work.

Wednesday's workout:
76 degrees, sunny
3.22 Miles

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