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Friday, March 16, 2012

Change of Season

Summer is on its way.

Growing up in the midwest, I got used to the gradual changing of the seasons. My grandfather used to say that you could always expect a snow storm in April, and more often than not, he was right. Winter isn't over until it's over.

This year, for much of the country, winter never began. It's been pretty mild nationwide, and Texas was more so. I expected it to be warm, but it barely ever got below 30. There was one day where I claim to have seen snow, though I acknowledge that it was really just thick sleet. Honestly, we had nothing resembling Winter here in the south.

So it is to be expected that the Spring would be warm as well, only I think we're already past Spring. When it's 78 degrees and humid, Spring has ended.

And since we've essentially entered Summer, it has become vital that I run before the sun rises. Only I haven't been doing that. I've been running in the afternoon, when it has been hottest, and that hasn't been awesome.

Still, I was happy with today. On my way up the long hill toward the end, I saw a car stuck on the road, and stopped to offer my help getting them out of traffic, an old winter hobby of mine. As I approached, someone else stopped. I said I would help this person, but they just used their truck. As in license plate to hitch, truck pushes SUV. No help required.

So, instead of being useful, all I got was a slight break in the hard part of my run. This turned out to be very useful for my goal of negative splits. While I'm not sure if I actually was faster on the second half, I was close enough to count it based on degree I difficulty alone.

This little victory didn't change the fact that I felt pretty worked over by the end. The heat is killing me a bit, but I'm counting on that fact to get me out of bed next week and run early.

You know, when temps are in the 60s.

Friday's Run:
78 degrees, sunny
7.93 Miles

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