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Wednesday, March 14, 2012


Now that's a turnaround.

Knowing that my problem yesterday was a refueling issue, I fueled up. I had chicken and grapes last night, Cheerios this morning, and a salad for lunch. Combine that with more water than I've had in the last week, and you've got a man who is ready to run. What made the whole thing better was how little I actually had to run.

Wednesdays are recovery days in my schedule, and I've grown to love them. I don't want to take days off, because the streak (now at ten weeks) is what gets me out the door half the time, especially on high mileage days. Still, I love a nice, easy run every once in a while, and today, I didn't check my watch even one time for the entire three miles. I kept my head up and my legs moving, but I made no effort at speed, and as a result, finished feeling great.

Of course, this doesn't prove any level of fitness or excessive readiness for the next stages of training, since it was an easy day, but it does illustrate the benefits of basic changes. I still got to be late last night, but I set my alarm for a little later to ensure that the sleep I did get was adequate. Since this didn't leave time for a morning run, I took to the roads in the afternoon, but ate throughout the day to ensure proper levels of energy. With a harder day planned tomorrow, I'm going to spend much of my evening focusing on hydration. These are baseline health requirements that I've let go by the wayside. Even if I wasn't running, they would be important, but the repeated, sustained physical exertion makes them critical.

And today felt better. Perhaps tomorrow will as well.

Wednesday's Run:
74 Degrees, cloudy and humid
3.22 Miles

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