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Friday, March 9, 2012

Bad Timing

I did exactly what I said I would do.

I woke up right on time, headed downstairs, and looked out the window. At the storm. Whoops. Didn't quite factor that into my plan. Not particularly in the mood for a predawn jaunt through the lightning, I curled up on the couch and caught a few more winks. Not my fault. Blame the weather.

Then came work through the morning, but I kept my eye on the weather, and realized that it wasn't going to get any better. It took a bit of a turn yesterday as I was finishing up my workout. On the second-to-last repeat, the warm, sticky air was suddenly replaced with odd jets of cold, like walking past an open pharmacy on a hot day. By the time I started my last lap, all the air had become cold and the wind was kicking up like mad. That hasn't changed since.

With the cooler air came the rain, and judging from the radar I was looking at, the moment of calm I was seeing wouldn't last. I had about 90 minutes until the big rain hit, which was perfect, because I only had about an hour to run. I suited up and got out the door.

Yeah, the radar was wrong. Within the first mile, I saw the droplets starting on the sidewalk, and before I'd completed two, it started coming down in buckets. There's a quick moment when you consider heading home, but then you realize that you'll still be soaked getting there, and the storm will probably be over by the time you're safe anyway. You smile and try to enjoy the absurdity of the moment.

After only a couple minutes, I was completely soaked, all the way through my shoes. Fortunately, I avoided getting hydroplaned by passing cars the entire way (a small miracle in itself), and the experience was about as pleasant as it could be. Until my last turn.

I've often whined about the wind, whether it's making a hill difficult or not existing in the summer, but today, it was particularly harsh. Not only was it 46 degrees with 30mph winds, but I was soaked. Cold air and wet clothes. Not fun. But what could I do? I had 1.5 miles left in my run and no other way to get home, so I started laughing, lowered my head and pushed on. Through the pain left over from yesterday's speed work. Through the driving rain. Through the biting wind. I pushed, and finished my miles. It wasn't pretty, and it really wasn't all that fun, but it got done.

I've just got to work on my timing.

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