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Monday, February 6, 2012

Less Than Super

As much as I enjoy it, there is one inescapable flaw with the Super Bowl: it's on a Sunday.

In fact, that's the only real issue I have with professional football on the whole. You can spend a whole day watching college ball and still have a nice, long Sunday to rest before you have to return to the real world. Not so with the NFL, and if your team plays in primetime (which is evidently going to happen even more), then you're really in trouble. Unless you're on pacific time. Then you might be okay.

On central time, we got home a little after 11:00 last night, once the game had ended and the party had begun winding down. We were on quite an endorphin high, having watched one of the better Super Bowl finishes since, well, since the last time these two teams played. Personally, I didn't care who won, though at least I can tell myself that my team (the 49ers) lost to the eventual champion. If I try really hard, I can almost convince myself that this fact matters.

When we returned home, we wanted to spend some time with the dogs who had been cooped up all evening, so we all hunkered down on the couch for some family time. And then my alarm was going off. 

I still did it. I still got myself out of bed and on the road, but I was not setting any records today. Super Bowl party food is hardly good exercise fuel. Combine that with an abbreviated night of sleep, and it made for one less-than-awesome Monday morning. My work got done, and I made my meetings, and I even managed to make a pretty darn good casserole for dinner, but today was not one of my big win kind of days. Today was recovery.

And you know what? It was totally worth it. Sometimes, when someone makes a lifestyle change, they feel like they have failed if they ever return to their old ways. In some cases, this is necessary, such as with substance abuse and addiction. For me, though, choosing to be healthier doesn't have to mean cutting out fun evenings with friends or not eating all three kinds of spinach dip that were brought to the party. What it means is that when I do these things, they are the exception rather than the rule, and because I've built up a base of fitness and healthy living, I can afford the occasional treat without punishing myself later.

Whether my body punishes me is another question altogether.

Monday's Run:
5.15 Miles

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