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Friday, February 24, 2012


I find it impossible not to think about the future.

Even as I try to focus on running slowing and NOT officially training for the marathon, all of my thoughts are currently centered around June 2nd. Every step I take on the road, my brain is wondering if I'll be able to move that quickly three months from now, and whether I'll have another pitfall like every other season I've had.

Trying to combat this, I've somewhat turned my attention to the Capital 10K in March, but even then, I know that I'm using the race as a tune up for the big show in June. Is it possible to live entirely in the moment of the run and not worry about what's next? Yes, absolutely. Is that possible for me? No, probably not.

So instead, I try to take moments to appreciate the little things along the way. Such as last night, when I was working after hours to try and get a few projects done. In the midst of an excruciating work day, I looked out the window and saw the sunset.

Absolutely gorgeous.

Looking toward the horizon is not always a bad thing. Thinking ahead is the only way to be prepared for what is coming your way. Especially in marathon training, you obviously have to start thinking months in advance to ensure that you have time to build your mileage and speed safely.

Does that mean it should be your one and only goal? No. Having intermittent goals is a great way to not only keep the training from getting stale, but also teach yourself about accomplishments. Whether it's learning what it's like to run a race or the positive reinforcement of a small victory, the better you feel on a day-to-day basis throughout your training, the more likely you are to continue and therefore succeed in the end.

So find what it is that makes training worthwhile to you, and push through it. For me, it involves finding lots of distractions and mini-goals, forcing me to watch the road in front of my feet sometimes instead of a mile away. Take the time to figure out what about running makes you happy, and reinforce that every chance you get.

And watch a sunset every chance you get.

Friday's Run:
48 Degrees / Clear
6.75 Miles

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