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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day

What is it that you really love?

The internet is abuzz today with Valentine's-themed posts and memes. It seems to be an almost even split between those celebrating the day and those cursing Hallmark and everything they stand for. If anything, I would guess the ratio has shifted toward the negative.

Where there are complaints to be had, most seem to fall along one of two lines. Either people do not wish to be told when (and how) to express their love, or they do not wish to be reminded of being single as though it was something to be ashamed of. However, there is another group of my friends, many of whom are very close to me, who dislike the holiday for another reason. They simply think it's odd to pick one day to celebrate love.

Why can't every day be Valentine's Day? Except for the fact that the chocolates would never go on clearance (I consider the 15th to be a national holiday as well), why do we not feel the need to celebrate those we love every day?

The simple answer is that it wouldn't feel as special. When I worked for a pizza chain, there was one menu item that was my clear favorite, but I only ate it once in a while for fear of getting bored with it. If you have champagne every night, the drink ceases to have mystique or importance. If you buy a dozen roses for your sweetheart every week, does it have the same effect? Probably not. Does that mean you shouldn't do it?

I actually like celebrating the day, but I just like celebrating. While it seems little odd to me that a martyr's feast day has evolved into pink candy and naked children with deadly weapons, I take no offense from the day, and enjoyed spoiling my wife last weekend (since we're not big fans of crowds on the actual day of the holiday).

But here's my challenge to you. We make time for all sorts of things in our lives each day. If you love to play video games, you find an hour to conquer that next level. If you're into cooking, you'll learn how to bake while reading if you need to. If you really love to run, you'll get up as early as it takes to get in your miles. If you can make time for all these loves, make time for the people you love as well. Your others, your family, your friends. Find a way to celebrate them as often as you can, not just when Kay Jewelers commercials tell you it's time.

I promise they'll thank you more than your miles will.

Tuesday's Run:
46 Degrees / Fading Fog
7.93 Miles

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