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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Down With Pants

"Nobody likes wearing pants kid, but, you know, it's the law." Lou, "The Simpsons Movie"

It's my own fault, really.

All day yesterday, I kept trying to remind myself to do the laundry later. I knew that I was out of running shorts, which is my new cue that it's time to clean my clothes. It used to be running out of socks, but now that I've got more pairs of running socks than I do of running shorts, the indication has changed. I'm running seven days a week on six pairs of shorts, which means laundry day comes more often.

Actually, I enjoy doing laundry. It was such a pain in college, because you had to pack everything up and haul it to the nearest bank of washers, and invariably, half of the dryers were filled with clothes that had sat there for hours on end. Personally, I just bought more socks.

Nowadays, the washer is 15 feet from where I'm currently sitting. It's easy. I keep my running clothes in the garage (for the olfactory sanity of all of us), which is a mere 5 steps from the whole cleaning operation. Unfortunately, unless I find myself in the garage for some other reason, this also prevents me from seeing the clothes lying around and remembering that they need to be clean. I didn't think about it until around 11:00 last night, and I was out with friends. Not a helpful time to remember a chore.

This meant that today I had to run in my old windbreaker pants, (Do people still call them that?) and it is not windbreaker weather out there today. The last few days in Texas have been wet and muggy, so much so that Austin has lifted its burn ban. When I get out the door in the mornings, it's in the low 60s with a thick fog and thicker air descending on the streets. It was actually a nearly perfect morning for a run. In shorts.

As a runner, clothes are your second-most important piece of equipment, after your shoes. Once you've got your feet taken care of, you have to choose carefully the types of clothing that you wear. You need something that holds tight, but doesn't chafe. Something that lets sweat out but doesn't let wind in. Running companies will take hundreds of dollars from you if you let them, but the good news is, you don't have spend like crazy to be comfortable. I get my shorts and shirts from Target. They've got a great line of Champion workout gear that breathes easily and fits very well. My socks (also extremely important) are from Costco. They're from Adidas, and they're light without being slippery in the shoe. That means my feet don't get shrouded in sweat, and I don't get blisters. Beautiful.

With pants, though, there's really no nice way to wear them. I'm sure there are some out there better suited to what I need, but what I wore this morning simply collected moisture from the air to the point that I had to re-tie the drawstring to keep them up. One plus, though, they do have pockets.

I guess everything has an upside.

Wednesday's Run:
3.22 Miles
10 Minute Yoga Basics

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