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Friday, January 20, 2012


Trivial Pursuit is the best board game.

I'm sorry if you're a fan of all the others out there, but there is really not question about this fact. Sure, Scene It is new and exciting, what with the technology and all, but then you have all those annoying animations to watch. The classics are always nice for nostalgia, but don't have the sheer enjoyment factor that the Pursuit provides. And if you say Monopoly, you're a liar. That game sounds fun, but three hours in, you're not friends anymore and everyone's wondering when this nonsense will end.

Also, if there's not actually a board, it's not a board game. Sorry, Apples To Apples, though you're pretty awesome, too.

The greatest thing about the game is the fact that there are dozens of editions. You can have a version for your own particular interest, decade of choice, or level of trivial intelligence. In our house alone, we've got three, Millenium, 90s, and 20th Anniversary. I've really enjoyed most versions I've played, with the exception of Beatles (because those who know will win without question) and the DVD version, because the DVD questions are absurdly easy.

It's one of the few games that is truly enjoyable while you are playing it. Most games, you spend all your time trying to roll the highest number possible to get to the end. The circular board in TP makes the rolling of the dice more, er, specialized. Every turn involves action, and even though only one person (or team) actually gets to answer, everyone is trying to come up with it on their own. It's interactive, action-packed, and visually satisfying. No question, best board game.

It's nice to be engaged and not entirely focused on the finish line. Sound familiar?

Tomorrow morning brings my longest run in some time. Since my last marathon, in fact. The weather should be nice, and even though I'll be going downhill first and uphill last, I've got high hopes for my success. And mostly, it's because I'm on a roll.

As of this morning, I've run more miles in the month of January than I did in October, November and December combined (and that included a marathon). So far, I'm not worn down physically, though I am a little creaky from the speed work yesterday. I even managed to get up on time this morning. Making it a part of my daily routine has bone a long way to ensuring that I get it done.

It's still early in the year, but I'm enjoying the game right now, and not just looking at the finish line, which is probably good, since 50 marathons puts the finish line awfully far away.

For now, I'm just happy to roll again.

Friday's Run:
6.75 Miles

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