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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Focus Mode

I definitely have a "focus mode."

For as long as I can remember, I've thrived on procrastination. I'll put something off for hours, days, and weeks until I can't possible wait another minute and then I drop into an automatic mode of productivity. Everything else fades away, and I sit in front of my computer, or paper, or whatever it is I've been avoiding, and I knock it out of the park. Or at least hit it hard enough to get by.

I know this mode is somewhere inside me. I find it when I need it, but I can never seem to turn it on of my own accord, and that's becoming a bit of a problem. Now that I'm working several jobs and running every day, I need to schedule my life more efficiently, and when it's time to work, I need to get that work done, and so far that hasn't happened quite as effectively as I would hope. Basically, I always find myself up against deadlines working late into the night to make sure that everything is up to my standard.

Yes, I'm getting stuff done throughout the weeks, and sure, when it comes down to it, everything works out fine, but I end up with weeks like this one where I feel like I've fallen behind on everything, and it gets me unbelievably frustrated.

I've tried any number of focusing tips, and nothing (so far) seems to be foolproof. I've tried silence, music, and television noise. I've tried comfortable and not-so-comfortable. Upstairs, downstairs, fully dressed, still in pajamas, full stomach, empty stomach. Through all of it, only one thing actually gets me focused every time. The run.

It was a speed work morning, and I frankly did not want to do it. Outstanding, eh? My second time out and I'm already tired of it. Fortunately, I have a wife who is tired of me complaining about my lack of focus and who is more than willing to make me get out of bed. Thanks, hon.

So after making a neighbor nervous by standing, covered in sweat, outside his house with piece of paper and a pen, I did my workout, cleaned up, and have been working ever since. Yes, it's been a very long day, but I've gotten a lot done, and I'm prepared to do a lot more tomorrow.

After I run.

Thursday's Workout:
2x(4x400 Fast, 1:30 Rest Between)
1:11     1:08
1:08     1:07
1:07     1:07
1:07     1:07

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