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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Begin Again

And like that, I'm back to running.

I completed my first miles of the new year this afternoon. In fact, it's interesting to me that, since the Marine Corps Marathon, four of my nine runs have been on Wednesdays. Something about that day gets me out the door. And something about Thursdays keeps me in. Only one run has happened on Thursday, and that was a race on Thanksgiving, where I didn't really have too much of a choice.

Wednesdays are my strong days. That's something I want to remember in upcoming weeks and months. Maybe those are good days for long runs, since I evidently am so able to get moving on that day of the week.

In future weeks, I intend to make Thursdays strength-training days, specifically doing a lot of speed work. Tomorrow, though, I just want to do some miles. I have plans and ideas, and all of them involve actually getting out the door to run. Right now, that's all I have to make happen, so I just hope I can do it tomorrow morning.

There are really no organized thoughts here. Nothing that's really worth recording. Still, I want to write about it, because I want to write about the times when I feel lost. I want to remember the times when I did not want to run and the way I felt during those times. I made the small-but-already-effective choice to change the home page on my web browser from Facebook (the time-suck to end all time-sucks) to the blog. It stares me in the face whenever I get online, and I feel like I've got to get on here and write. I have to put what I'm feeling into whatever poorly-conceived words that I can.

And in order to have anything to write about, I have to run.

Wednesday's Run:
70 Degrees and All-Around Awesome
3.98 Miles

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