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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

End of Year Challenge: Day 2

It's great to love running again.

When I'm not watching the clock on every run, it gives me a great deal more freedom to let my mind wander to all the odd little places it wants to go. As a result, I finally understand people who talk about running as "Me Time." The last couple mornings, as the sun rose behind a rather unnecessary number of strip malls, I was just enjoying the miles.

I'm still fighting off the cold, which meant that there were plenty of physical issues to deal with. However, I've found that running is a great way to work various toxins out of the system. Now, whether this means a morning detox or an evening flu-fighter depends on the day. What's important is that I felt myself draining everything out of my super-clogged head, both physically and mentally. That's a good way to start a morning.

I was even able to get up a little earlier today. I bought an alarm clock app that wakes me up with a song from my iTunes. This is really nice, except that I pick songs that won't jar me awake unpleasantly, and as a result, they can be as relaxing as they are distracting. I may have let mine play for ten minutes this morning. Whoops.

Still, I got up and out the door pretty well. It was very dark, but I stayed to sidewalks, and besides that, there's no traffic this week, since no one has to drop their kids off at school. Victory.

Overall, the last couple days have been great. So great, in fact, that I'm fairly confident in my ability to complete (and maybe surpass) any challenge from the week.

Then come the resolutions, but we'll get to that later.

Wednesday's Run:
39 Degrees, Clear
7.924 Miles

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