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Friday, September 16, 2011

We've Been Kanye'd

All right, Kanye, that's enough.

The walls of our apartment are vibrating (with excitement?) from the three-day party that is the Austin City Limits Festival. As I do not have hundreds of dollars sitting around, I will not actually be attending the festival, but tonight, Kanye West says that it's no problem. He'll still play to my living room.

I'm really not upset or anything by the activity as much as I'm just observing it. To be honest, I expected the whole thing to be far more intrusive than it has actually proven to be. Every now and then, a particularly loud bass beat will make its way up the hill from the park, but it hasn't been overly distracting, and I've been able to go about my life with less interruption than I get from, say, the landscaping guys fighting their never-ending battle against the ever-falling leaves. It could definitely be worse.

Wait, it just got worse.

Not even joking, as I sit here writing, the thumping started once again, far more intensely than it has all day, which tells me that Kanye West has just taken the stage. I assume it is them and not Coldplay, since I'm fairly certain that Coldplay doesn't bump the bass. At least, not as much as Kanye.

And I really hate Kanye West. For a guy whose music really does nothing for me (not that I'm a rap afficionado by any means), he seems to show up on "news" programs being an idiot far more than most irrelevant pop stars. That's all well and good, and since I don't spend too much time worrying about pop culture, it didn't hurt me all that much, but now the man is making my walls vibrate, and his party is messing with my runs.

The good news is, if this morning was any indication, as long as I get up early, I'm not going to have to change my running routes by very much. There are a few fences in the way, but for the most part, the roads are open, if I get up on time.

So I just hope Kanye quiets down before too late.

Friday's Run:
75 Degrees / Dark
5.05 Miles
36 Minutes, 11 Seconds

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