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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Sweet Home Chicago

I apologize to the residents of every town we ever live in.

It turns out that my wife and I are an apparent curse on the weather of any region in which we find ourselves. Whatever the extremity of whether is in that locale, it will be far more extreme when we arrive. We had three winters in Chicago, the snowiest in ten years, followed by the coldest in fifteen, followed by the coldest and snowiest in thirty. So we moved to Texas, at which point Chicago finally had a mild winter again.

Intelligently, we decided to move to Texas shortly before the winter began so that, in the middle of what we knew would be an incredibly hot summer, we would have those glorious memories of a warm January to get us through. What we did not expect was a summer above and beyond any expectations of reasonable inhabitability. Leave it to the wife and I to move to Texas during the hottest summer on record, and while I still remember those lovely, mild December evenings, the memory is fading rapidly.

But this weekend was going to be different. I am visiting friends up north, and this meant one very important thing - cooler temperatures. I've been watching the ten day forecast religiously, and enjoying the numbers in the 60s overnight, and only into the 80s throughout the day. Then, a few days ago, everything went wrong.

Somehow, impossibly, and at the same time completely expectedly, it's the hottest weekend of the year in Chicago. Unbelievable. So, when I went out for my run this morning, it was just as warm, if not warmer than my usual Thursday morning jog.

Still, I didn't care very much. I love Chicago. I love being among the huge buildings and the innumerable cars. Even as a child, I always came alive when I got into a big city, and that hasn't changed about me. The hustle and bustle just suits my constantly restless personality (much in the same way distance running does), which is why (my now-wife and) I chose this town as the place to start out after college. We've left for various reasons of various levels of importance, but this will always be sweet home, Chicago.

Though I'd like it a lot better about 20 degrees cooler.

Thursday's Run:
86 Degrees / Sunny
4.16 Miles
28 Minutes, 29 Seconds

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