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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Rapid Fire

Yeah, I'm pretty behind here.

There will be a couple of these posts in rapid succession, just trying to catch up on everything. Let's get right to it.

So, back on Wednesday, I had this ten-miler to do, and... well, I guess I did it. I decided to take the tough route around my ten mile course, and actually took a moment to be nostalgic about it. As of next week, I'm going to be running new courses around a new neighborhood, and most likely will not be taking the same routes with which I am familiar.

Sure, I'll get back to the area from time to time, but mostly just on the really long runs. The 10-and-under club will be all new terrain, but hopefully will not be ending with an uphill every single time. It's the little things folks.

So, on this Wednesday run, I was up and running in the superdark of the predawn trail, and I let myself really enjoy my surroundings. I slowed down a bit, just enough to ensure that I wouldn't have any issues finishing. I held my pace on the uphills and relaxed my legs on the downs. As Hal predicted, the distance itself proved to be quite doable, but the time was the biggest issue. I didn't have much time to celebrate the completion, because after a moment's shower, it was off to work.

Still, it was great to get ten miles completed before sunrise. Tough, but done.

Life continues... in a moment.

Wednesday's Run:
High 60s (I think), Dark
10.24 Miles
1 Hour, 14 Minutes, 32 Seconds

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