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Thursday, September 15, 2011

The Musicians Are Coming

So, apparently there's a concert or something happening in my neighborhood.

The indicators are subtle, but they're definitely out there. For one thing, the entire park is surrounded by a fence, which is less than convenient for those of us who run through it. In particular, this fence blocks off a portion of the sidewalk surrounding Zilker that is part of my first and last miles pretty much every day. I had to run in the bike lane for about a quarter mile today to get around it, which may have added a bit of distance to my usual six-mile course, but nothing worth re-measuring.

From there, the clues just kept coming. For one thing, there's a massive, light-up guitar at the entrance to the grounds. Then there are hundreds of barriers set up to create waiting lines for the tents labeled "Box Office" where there was once a field. As you get around to Town Lake Trail - if you can find the trail, that is - you see more and more fencing, on which there is fabric so that you can't see through. On the trail itself, there are almost no people, though whether that's the concert or the 90-degree temps is up for debate.

It was quiet for a while, but as I got back on the road and headed back toward the park on my way home, there was more activity. Signs were getting posted, road blocks were being pre-set, and everywhere there was a palpable mixture of excitement and terror. Those who will attend or make money at the Austin City Limits Festival could not be happier. Those of us who will simply have to live near it are terrified.

Even as I sit here in my dining room, half a day before the festival starts, I'm already beginning to go a little nuts at the shaking from the bass drum microphones they're evidently testing tonight. This should be an interesting weekend.

My goal then, is as follows: I want to drive as few places as humanly possible for the next three days, and do as few things of consequence as I can manage. I hope to get my runs in crazy early, and I hope (against hope) that I'll actually be able to complete them on the routes to which I have grown accustomed. Finally, I just want to enjoy myself as much as possible. With only two weeks left in this apartment, I hate to leave with a proverbial bad taste in my mouth.

Or a quite literal ringing in my ears.

Thursday's Run:
90 Degrees / Sunny
6.01 Miles
41 Minutes, 11 Seconds

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