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Tuesday, August 2, 2011


My dreams have gotten progressively weirder of late.

From searching through sporting goods stores in London to taking part in various scenes from various movies and books, I've been all over several worlds in recent nocturnal adventures. Every morning, it seems, I've woken up in the middle of some absurd, yet oddly fascinating, scenario, and my immediate instinct is to go back to sleep at once and find out what happens.

Of course, this is a bad instinct. For one thing, the odds of actually falling asleep and returning to that dream are not very good. Even if you could do this, dreams never have the satisfying ending of a story as we're used to seeing it, since they are merely the result of random neuron firings. For me, however, the big issue with trying to complete a dream is that it means I'm not getting out of bed and running, which is something I simply have to do.

So today, I was out of bed at the first sign of my alarm, and despite wanting to find the bomb my dream self had been looking for, I settled for locating my running shorts, and I was out the door within ten minutes of waking, which may be a new record for me. The goal was to be running before I could think about doing anything else, and in this I was successful. Even now, I can't really remember putting on my shoes this morning. I awoke with singular focus, and let nothing distract me. I didn't even let the smell of skunk that greeted me at the starting line keep me from pushing forward. I settled into a nice, even pace, and for once, I actually felt good as I was returning up Half Mile Hill. 

All of this is made more remarkable by the fact that I have arrived at yet another Tech Week, and yet I'm still managing to get some sleep and complete my runs. Well, run. I've only done the one so far, but I've got high hopes for the remainder of the week. Is this a signal of my body finally adapting to my new lifestyle, or merely wishful thinking based on very limited data?

I guess we'll find out tomorrow.

Tuesday's Run:
79 Degrees, Dark
3.3 Miles
24 Minutes, 7 Seconds

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