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Friday, August 5, 2011

Too Tired Ramblings

Sometimes I think we could weaponize my dog's laziness.

Recently, I haven't been taking the pup on many runs, since a combination of the heat and her apparent newfound dislike for the sport make the experience unpleasant for both of us. Still, we try to keep her active when we can, playing fetch in the house and chasing her around. The problem is, we're home a lot, since we both work remotely, so our dog spends an impressive amount of the day following us around the house giving us a look that says, "We should be playing or sleeping right now." Then she'll curl up in some absurdly small location and go to sleep, which is exactly what we want her to do.

The trouble comes when we're on a lunch break or we've just finished the workday and she curls up next to us on the couch. Once everyone's snuggled in, the situation gets comfortable fast, and suddenly, I'm waking up twenty minutes later wondering what had happened.

I think if we sent puppies (or other suitable animals) to our enemies, they'd just sleep through whatever war they're planning. This idea is foolproof. I'll hear nothing against it.

Can you tell I'm a little sleep-deprived?

Anyway, this sneak attack of my dog's is why I didn't get around to running yesterday. I got to bed late due to the final dress rehearsal of my show, so I only got up in time for work, figuring I'd take a run at the treadmill on a break or at the end of the day. When I woke up from the dog-induced nap, I didn't have time before the show, so I simply switched yesterday's workout with today's rest. Fully wary of the pup's tricks, I managed to get to the gym for a quick 5K today at top speed because, well, why not?

Now it's off to sleep, which will no doubt be more difficult now than it is in the afternoon, an irony that has always frustrated me.

Though I don't think I'll have much trouble falling asleep toniiiiii...

Friday's Run:
Indoors / Treadmill
3.1 Miles
18 Minutes, 36 Seconds

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