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Monday, August 1, 2011

Time Is Not On My Side

This is going to be a short one, folks.

You see, I've realized that I've got a number of milestones coming up this month, and as a part of the momentous occasions, I want to make sure that I blog every day of the month. The trouble with that for today is, I have been running around, it's a quarter to midnight, and I haven't done this yet. So here we are.

A number of fun things will be happening in my running spreadsheet, and many of them happen this week.  First off, I'll top 900 training miles since December, as well as surpassing 900 total miles of running (including races) for the year. Combining all my mileage from races and training (including Columbus), I will officially be over 1000 miles run. Crazy.

But the fun doesn't stop there. I've already beaten my previous record for most consecutive days completing my scheduled mileage, but soon I'll surpass the most consecutive days of doing a prescribed run at all. Considering that last season I barely did any cross training, the fact that the one and only workout I've "missed" all season was a planned cross trainer on the bike, I'm quite happy with my total mile allocation.

The issues still linger, but I'm choosing to celebrate the good for now, and it was in that spirit that I hit the bike over my lunch break, crushing last week's distance by .8 miles. Tomorrow brings a nice, easy 3 miler, the start of a step-back week that I feel is very much needed.

Of course, I'll have to get some sleep first.

Monday's Workout:
Indoors / Stationary Bike
35 Minutes
10.9 Miles

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