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Monday, August 8, 2011

Considering a Run for Governor

Arnold Schwarzenegger is not a very good actor.

While I realize this information may come as a shock to some of you, I'm confident that many of you may have already had your suspicions. It's a rare Monday night when I'm not involved in a rehearsal or meeting of some kind, and I'm currently spending it on my couch watching Twins because it is, in fact, the most entertaining thing on television right now.

I sit and think about how the two stars of this film ever got famous, and I imagine that they had completely opposite careers. You look at DeVito, who is short, not particularly attractive, and basically lacks all of the physical characteristics of a stereotypical Hollywood "star." In this very movie, he's referred to as the "leftover crap" from a genetic experiment. However, he has a great deal of talent, and though it doesn't always show in his selection of roles, he's earned his place among the LA elite by being a terrific character actor.

And how did Mr. Schwarzenegger join the A-List? He's huge. He did a lot of steroids, lifted a lot of weights, and when someone needed an exceptionally large actor, they got Arnold Strong, "Mr. Universe." Seriously, that's how he's credited in his first movie.

Now both men have done dozens of films in several genres, and each seems to have his retirement plan. The one with talent has a television show where he plays a degenerate, lecherous father. The one without talent? Well, he's got an entire state to run into the ground.

It just got me to thinking about the things I enjoy most in life. Outside of my family and my job, I spend the majority of my remaining time on theatre and running, or working out in general. For the purposes of today's post, we'll call these hobbies Danny and Arnold, respectively. With Danny, my goal is to better myself artistically, challenge myself, and grow intellectually. As for Arnold, that's most about vanity and ego, but it's something I really enjoy doing, and it's something I happen to be good at. And while I may never be the best actor on the stage or the fastest runner in the race, maybe, one day, I can be the best thing on television on a Monday night.

As an added bonus, if you type "Arnold" into the Google Search bar, hoping to spell a certain governor's name correctly, four of the first five results will give you that answer, along with various combinations of the words "love child," "mistress," and "soundboard." What's the other result? Arnold Palmer.

No word yet as to whether it's the drink or the golfer.

Monday's Workout:
Indoors / Stationary Bike
10.0 Miles
35 Minutes

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