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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Barely Worth A Title

I think this should catch me up.

After yesterday's foray on the treadmill, I was happy to get back out onto the road this morning. Of course, it would have been a little easier if I hadn't had so much trouble sleeping, but I was still pretty happy with the whole thing.

Somehow, it always works out that whenever I have all my life scheduled properly, I end up getting a great deal of extra time, and when I'm cramped for time, something else always comes up. Yesterday, I had very little time throughout the day, and this was not aided by me oversleeping my alarm clock. Tonight, with a cancelled rehearsal and an evening at home, is the evening after which I managed to get up and run eight miles with no problem.

It counts for what's happening during the run, too. If, like on Sunday, I've got somewhere to be that could be affected by a slow run, then I often find myself struggling to complete it in time. On the other hand, when I'm not at all pressed for time, the run is nice and easy. I barely even remember it, to be honest. I passed some people, there were bats coming home, maybe a stop light or two. I'm not sure. I barely paid attention to what I was doing, with everything else that's on my mind. 


This post is boring. Of course, so was my run. And that's great. It's routine, and once it gets to that point, it gets a little bit easier. And hopefully more fun.


Wednesday's Run:
79 Degrees
8.11 Miles
1 Hour, 2 Minutes, 9 Seconds

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