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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

To-Do List

I can hardly believe this week is only half over.

To say that I've been stressed this week would be a gross understatement. I had gotten a little behind on work, and since this is the week that everything is due, I was going out of my mind to get it all done. Add to that some training for my second job, a few rehearsals for my third, and a pulsating headache that has lasted the better part of three days, and you've got where I was at this afternoon when I headed out for my run.

Once again, I'd gotten up on time only to lie back down on the couch "for just fifteen more minutes." Once again, this lasted until work time, and my run was put on the back burner. At the end of the work day, I told the wife that I was heading out, and she suggested that I do my six miler on the treadmill, you know, since it is brutal outside. Though I'm not really a fan of doing anything longer than 4 on the machine, she was absolutely right, in that it was far too hot for me to run outside. Especially given the semi-frazzled shape of my body right now, a trip to the gym was going to be the best option.

And it was fine, though spending more than 40 minutes in one spot gets old rather quickly, I was able to distract myself by figuring out what pace I was at and how much faster or slower I had to go overall to get a certain time. When I actually achieved that time, I felt great.

To be honest, I'm feeling great about a lot of things right now. I finished all of the work reporting that I had to do, and I get to start a fresh new month tomorrow. I've done the training for my second job and have already started booking dates to work. Now, I have time to sit down with my script and really focus on job number three, which is good, because I've got rehearsal every night this week. I may even get to go out and spend time with some friends, absurd as that might seem. 

I am, however, very worried about my discipline level, which is currently nonexistent. Even when I do get out and start a run on time, I'm as likely to walk as not, and if it's over 6 miles, it's pretty much guaranteed that I will at some point. Yes, it's hot, but that's not the problem. The problem is that I've got it in my head that walking is okay now, and I don't want it to be. If I absolutely need to walk, that's one thing, but I have a suspicion that in most cases, all I really need to do is slow down a little bit. However, once I start doing that, then it's a quick mental jump to "just for one minute," and with my marathon time goals, I simply don't have time for that.

The race is over 14 weeks away, and already I'm starting to worry about endurance. That's not good. I need to relax, which means making running the fun "extra" thing in my day, not one more task that I have to complete.

So how do I do that?

Wednesday's Run:
Indoors / Treadmill
6.2 Miles
43 Minutes, 39 Seconds

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