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Friday, July 8, 2011

Fading Memory

I must be getting old.

As I was finishing up a book tonight, getting ready to start another, I thought about whether there was anything that I had to do before I settled myself down. Blog? No, I didn't run today, so I didn't really have anything to write about. And then I remembered that I hadn't written yesterday. Whoops.

So, I headed over to the computer here and started thinking back to yesterday's run... and I can't really remember it. I mean, that's probably a good thing overall. It means that nothing bad happened, and that I'm well on my way to making running just another part of my daily routine. Still, it's always nice to have something to say about any accomplishment you make, so here I sit.

I do remember getting up right on time again. While it was still quite humid, the temperature was only 76 (and had actually dropped a degree by the time I got back). Most importantly, I remember having a great deal of confidence in my ability to complete my required three miles, having just finished a five miler the day before without stopping. The sun was just beginning to stretch long shadows out in front of me as I was finishing, and I was home and taking the dog outside before my wife was even awake.

Fascinating stuff, right?

So I need to find a way to be more engaged in the writing portion of my newfound hobby. Step one will be actually getting around to creating my cross-training routine, though that's got its own limitations, which I'll talk about in a moment. Step two will be reading as much as I possibly can from as many different sources as possible. Twitter has opened up a wide range of blogs and other resources for me, and I simply haven't been taking advantage of them. Maybe their advice can help me become a better runner and, one day, a better running mentor.

In particular, I could use a little help with the cross-training motivation. Don't get me wrong, I actually love cross-training, particularly weight lifting. I love the action of it and how my body feels when I'm done. However, the weather issue down here really limits what I can do. I'm so tired after running in the heat that the prospect of doing anything other than my required miles seems absurd. However, if I did all of it before the run, it would mean getting on the road later, and that means it'll be even hotter. My only option becomes getting up earlier, and already, I don't get enough sleep as it is. It's going to take a little creativity that I just don't have at the moment.

But I'll figure that out in time. For now, I'm going to bed. I've got a 16-mile weekend ahead of me, and I want to be done before the sun comes up.

Thursday's Run:
76 Degrees
3.3 Miles
23 Minutes, 26 Seconds

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