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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

2 Workouts, 15 Meats, 24 Hours

I do love me some steak.

In fact, the only way to make a good steak dinner even better is to add more steak. And also lamb, chicken and pork. And bring them out to my table in rapid-fire style on freakin' swords. That was my dinner last night at Fogo de Chao here in Austin, which was the culmination of a rather wonderful day in general, as it was my second wedding anniversary.

I got up on time and decided immediately that I'd rather stay in bed, pushing my cross-training workout back to lunchtime. Once I was up for work, however, I was alert and productive throughout the day. Much was accomplished, and when I headed to the gym to ride the bike, I was in great spirits. As a result, I decided to push myself a little harder than normal, and had a very strong "ride." I use the quotation marks because it doesn't really feel like riding when you're sitting still. I guess "spin" is the more correct term as far as workouts go. Fine. I had a strong spin.

A quick shower later, I went back to work with the TV on in the background as I waited for word from the NFL Players Association which, as you may have heard, finally got over whatever whiny millionaire problems they were having and decided to have a football season, which is great for me, as that's my favorite sport to watch. It's less than three weeks to the first preseason games. Yes, I'm counting down.

At the end of the work day, we headed into downtown, stopping first at the Four Seasons Hotel. The company is celebrating its 50th Birthday, and was offering drinks for very little for 25 minutes that happened to coincide perfectly with our dinner reservation. From there, it was only a few short blocks to Fogo and their 15 kinds of meat, great service, and fantastic atmosphere. Pricey? Yes. Worth it? Yes. They even threw in a free dessert because it was our anniversary, which I thought was a very nice touch. We had considered going somewhere else after dinner, but we were so full that we figured it was a better idea to just roll ourselves to the car and head home. Overall, a nearly perfect day.

But last night, I got what my brother calls, "the meat sweats." Not too bad, mind you, but I did have a little trouble sleeping as my body desperately worked to digest the ridiculous amount of savory goodness I had put into it. The result was that I got up a little later this morning, but I still had plenty of time to run, and I decided to take the dog.

The dog, as it turned out, wanted no part of my running nonsense. As soon as we started walking down the hill toward my starting line, she started pulling in the other direction with a "I know what this means" look in her eye. Still, she usually gets over that pretty quickly, so we headed out. After all, it was only a three mile run. Well, the pup was not interested. For the entire first mile, she pulled backward, downright stopping twice. At the mile mark, I stopped to give her a rest and she laid down. This was my cue to give up, so I turned back toward home, at which point she was more than happy to run. Shaking my head, I ran the mile back up, dropped her off, and then headed to the gym for the last one.

Sometimes, I'm just not up for running, so I get how my dog felt this morning. I'm still considering taking her with me on Thursday of this week, but we'll see how both of us are feeling. I don't want to have to cut a run short again and split it up like that, even if it's only a short workout. Though I must say, I did enjoy my little Pace-Saver mile (point one) on the treadmill at top speed. It was an exhilarating way to end a pretty spectacular 24 hours.

Also, I'm pretty sure it put an end to the meat sweats.

Monday's Workout:
Stationary Bike
10.1 Miles
35 Minutes

Tuesday's Run(s):
76 Degrees, Then Indoors
3.1 Miles
22 Minutes, 29 Seconds

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