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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Shock and Ew

Yeah, I'm still doing this.

I know the last couple weeks I've been a little infrequent with the posting, but I'm getting back on track as of today. I've completed the first leg of my travel to Seattle, and I'll stay where I am until Thursday when we take the big flight. This means that I've got two runs here and one in Seattle before the big day.

And all I had to do today was a nice, easy 3-miler. To make matters even better, there was a crazy storm here last night (even knocked out the power), so the humidity broke!

At least, that's what would have happened if we were in the midwest where I grew up. Here in Texas, however, rain evidently only makes the humidity worse. It was actually very nice when we woke up this morning, but by evening when I actually made it out the door, it was right back to 100% saturation, and the first few steps felt like swimming. I was sweating by the time I made it to my starting line, roughly 50 feet from the door. That's the "ew."

Once I had started the run, I was actually okay with how gross it felt, however. I knew that this run wasn't going to take that long and that I'd only have one more training run in the heat before the actual marathon. Still, my stride felt very awkward for the first mile or so. I spent almost the entire mile figuring out what to call it. "Slow" was obvious, but beyond that, I wanted something more descriptive, like "lumbering" or "brontosaurus-esque," to really give a visual to go with how it felt in my body. Truly, it felt strange enough that I had a bit of concern running through my brain. I saw the mile marker street ahead and checked my watch. That was the shock.

I was 25 seconds under race day pace.

Bring on the 'thon.

Tuesday's Run:
97 Degrees / Humid
3.19 Miles
21 Minutes, 41 Seconds

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