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Friday, May 6, 2011

Little Green Wisdom

My wife is Yoda.

She just told me to get on writing a blog post, and when I told her I would try, she informed me that there is no try. In addition to that, she has a good amount of wisdom when it comes to my health. Though I've been trying valiantly to get up on time every morning, it's beginning to take a toll.

You see, I did not take into account the large number of late nights I was going to have throughout the next few weeks. She recommended that I take at least one day a week to sleep a little bit later, and since I wasn't scheduled to have a run today, I thought this might be a good morning to get an extra hour or so. However, instead of just catching up a bit, I immediately returned to my former habit of sleeping right up until the moment that I had to start working.

It was discouraging, really, to see that a week's worth of getting up on time has had virtually no effect on how I do with waking up overall, but it also told me something important. It told me that every morning that I have gotten up on time has been a little victory. At least, that's what I choose to take out of this.

Today, I could have chosen to still do my arm workouts, but I decided to really take the spirit of the rest day seriously. Hal says that this day should be absolute rest, leaving Sunday for my cross training, so I'll trust him this week, particularly because I've got 25 miles to run over the next two days, and Saturday, in particular, will be a big training day for me.

Sunday, I'll sleep in.

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