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Monday, March 14, 2011

Run Through

I've always believed that the best treatment for sore muscles is more usage.

Now, when you're sitting on the floor because it hurts too much to sit upright on the couch, I can see where this particular solution may not be your first choice. It certainly isn't mine in those cases. Still, on most occasions, it really is the best plan.

This is what I told myself over and over again at about 6:15 this morning. My inner thighs and butt muscles were still informing me of their opinions on my choices from Saturday, and the last thing they seemed interested in was more physical activity. What got me out of the house was my new determination not to miss any more training runs. Come hell or high water, I'll somehow get in my miles, and I knew I wouldn't want to go later, so off I went.

For the first half mile, everything was on fire. The faint cries of "why are you doing this to me" came from every muscle in my legs as I got up to speed and turned down the hill.

Then, it was gone. Halfway down the hill, all my muscles relaxed and everything started to flow. I could still faintly feel some stiffness, but only a fraction of what I had upon waking up this morning. And what was more, my legs felt stronger than they have in quite some time. Every step felt powerful without feeling like I was pushing it. Today was scheduled to be an "easy pace" which only means that I do not try to run quickly. And I didn't. It just happened.

I got home and did the rest of my muscle groups on a bit of a high from the whole thing. I was thrilled with myself for running strong and for getting up on time despite the fact that my body has not yet acclimated to the time change, like it ever really does.

After folding the laundry, getting a shower, eating breakfast, and doing several other little chores around the house, I sat down at my desk for work 15 minutes early, very proud of the string of accomplishments.

At around 10:00, I was starting to get a little hungry, so I decided to get a bagel. I stood up from my chair and actually yelped in pain.

Turns out the muscle pain wasn't entirely gone so much as pushed out of the legs temporarily, and despite the stretching that I did upon my return home, sitting still for two hours evidently wasn't the best choice I could have made. I've been stretching throughout the rest of the day, and even just took the dog for a little walk to work out some of kinks. My middle-distance runs get longer this week, and tomorrow should be a pretty easy day, assuming I can convince my legs to get moving, so my goal for the entire day is to use the muscles as normally as possible and be ready for tomorrow morning.

When I'll get to run through the pain again.

Monday's Run:
66 Degrees / Humid, Light Rain
3.3 Miles
23 Minutes, 29 Seconds

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