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Sunday, March 6, 2011


Okay, I admit it. I was incredibly lazy this weekend.

I actually did okay on Friday, at least once I got myself on the road. I've got to find some sort of routine that actually gets me the heck out of bed in the morning and on with my day. As of now, something's just not registering when the alarm goes off. There has to be some sort of reward or punishment, but as of yet I haven't found anything out. Still searching.

Anyhow, when I actually got on the road, I set two rules for myself. The first was that I would not walk during my five mile run. The second was that I would pay no attention to the time. This included the fact that I wasn't going to stop my watch for traffic lights. I broke this last rule.

On the out-and-back five mile course that I run, there are four lights (two out, two back) that normally catch me. I sped up through three of them, and but I hit the last one right as it changed, and I had to stop the clock. I wasn't trying to make any particular time, but on a shorter run like this, the three minutes I would have had to wait would have had a dramatic effect on my average pace, and it would have no longer been representative of the workout that I'd done. Or so I told myself.

So, I stopped the watch for those few minutes, and then restarted when I got moving again. And I was absolutely shocked by just how fast I was actually going. I was almost a minute faster than my planned "relaxed" pace. And the best part of everything was that I had zero knee pain the whole time.

And from that moment until now, the laziness crept in. I got through my work day pretty well, and then I headed out to my rehearsal. I had a lot of fun, but got home really late.

Saturday morning, I could hear thunder and a little bit of rain, and that's the easiest way to convince yourself to go back to bed. Plus, I didn't have anywhere to be until the afternoon, so I decided to take a morning for me, enjoying the company of my wife and the pup. We had a lovely Saturday, topped off with another rehearsal with even more fun.

And this morning... nothing. I had thought I was going to move yesterday's run to this morning, but I just did not want to get out of the bed that early. Overall, I chose to relax this weekend. While I'm not particularly thrilled with the fact that I didn't do my 9 miles, I did enjoy the recovery. In fact, I had a really wonderful weekend, and I'll get back into training first thing in the morning.

If I get out of bed.

Wow. Even this post was lazy.

Friday's Run:
60 Degrees / Humid
5.05 Miles
33 Minutes, 46 Seconds

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