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Monday, March 21, 2011

Cheaper Than Therapy

A tough Sunday means an easy Monday, right?

Here's hoping.

Yesterday was a long, tough day. I was up early to write my blog post, mostly because my ever-shifting puppy had pushed me to the edge of the bed, and I knew it was only a matter of time before I would have gone over. I watched a little TV, but then it was off to rehearsal, and I had six hours of that.

I love my theatre rehearsals. They are my other release. This does not change the fact that they can be grueling, especially when you combine emotional scenes with outside stressors. It's a combination that leads to quality theatre and emotionally spastic actors. The good side of this is that it also works as a great outlet for all the frustration and anger that can come with those stressors, turning them into something beautiful.

From there, we headed home where I tried to unwind. We went and got food to cook (these amazing steak and cheese pinwheel things that my wife found) and returned home where I spent the rest of the evening watching basketball and eating, and then yelling at the players on the TV screen asking them why they couldn't make a three-pointer to save their lives.

Reading over what I've just written, I realize that it doesn't sound like that long or hard of a day, but sometimes things just take over your brain and keep you from functioning on the level that you desire. I suppose it's hard to explain, but if you've been there, you probably know exactly what I'm talking about. The point is, when I went to bed last night, I was extremely excited about this morning's run as a way to work out all my frustration in a purely physical way.

I was out the door on time and even though my shin muscle is still whining about Saturday, it didn't affect my stride at all. Forcing myself not to push too hard, I focused my attention on keeping my head up, my hips forward, and my arms pumping. I saw one or two other runners, but with a lot of things going through my head, I didn't really take much note of anything or anyone while I was out there. Except for the cab that almost hit me. He got some of my attention.

Suddenly, I realized that I was already heading back up the hill. I felt strong, despite the dull ache in the right leg. I hit green lights all the way and never even had to slow down, except for my sharp turns. All of this made me really excited to see my time, but of course that couldn't happen. My iPod that I use as a stopwatch was almost dead this morning, so I figured I'd use my phone and put it in my Spibelt. Unfortunately, I must have hit the stop button as I put it in the belt, because when I pulled it out at the end of my run, it gave me a time of 5 seconds. I'm pretty sure I wasn't quite that fast. I'll make an estimate for my spreadsheet, but for here, I'm afraid today's run is a mystery.

Which is fine. I don't care, because starting my Monday off with a strong run puts me in a better mindset for everything else I'm going to be doing that day. The alarm clock is no longer my enemy (he told himself over and over again), and I've actually been ready for it several times in the last few days. Today I was actually back from my run before 7:00am, which is a huge accomplishment for me. This meant that I've already had my shower and my breakfast, and that I'll have my post written before I start work for the day.

It's tech week for my show (also known as hell week), which means that I'll be burning through energy and emotion like crazy all week long, which will make it all the more important that I start my days correctly.

With a run.

Monday's Run:
67 Degrees / Cloudy
3.3 Miles
Time Unknown

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