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Thursday, February 17, 2011

303 Miles Down

And then there was one.

One more workout between now and the Austin Marathon, and I couldn't be more excited.

I really feel as though I'm ready for this one. I've done my training. I've researched the course and given a lot of thought to my race plan. I feel extremely confidant.

Which of course makes me very nervous. It makes me think about all the things for which I might not have prepared. What if I get slammed into a crowd early on and don't have the chance to break out into any kind of pace? What if my shoelaces break? What if absolutely everything goes wrong two miles into the race?

Yeah, panic is fun.

Okay, I'm not panicking. I am, however, trying to make sure that I'm ready for all of those things, as far as I possibly can be. As long as I cross the finish line, the day will be a success. It really doesn't matter to me how long it takes me to complete the thing. I have a time that I would like to beat, but if I don't make it this time, I've still got many races ahead of me to improve.

There are only a few things that I am genuinely concerned about. The first is that I won't wake up on time. I still have issues getting up on time for my daily runs, and mostly it's because I don't absolutely HAVE to get up early. I can schedule my run throughout the day, so I don't really have the urgency that is required to actually get me out of bed. For really important things, though, I'm usually pretty good about getting myself in motion. Still, I'll probably have trouble sleeping that night because I'll be so excited, so I've got myself a little concerned about that.

Once I'm standing in the staging area, I'll feel a lot better. Then it's just a matter of enjoying the ride.

All this was going through my mind as I did my last outdoor training run this morning. I took the dog with me, and she ran along the entire way. There were only a few points where she gave me any sort of trouble, and for the most part it was because there were other dogs around, and when that happens, her attention span goes to zero.

I really don't remember much about today's run at all, because I was so focused on Sunday. All I know is that the pup did well, and actually managed to tire herself out a bit. Fortunately, we have a concrete floor in the apartment that she uses to cool down.

 I'm also really excited about the expo tomorrow. I've been to a few expos in my life, and most of the time I'm there as someone else's guest, and I've had really no idea what any of the stuff they were peddling meant. This time, I'll actually have an opinion on what they're offering, and I could learn a lot of new things. Plus, I'm excited about the swag bag.

Now it's time for carbs and as much sleep as I can manage, keeping one eye on the sky...

...and one eye on the ground.

Today's Run:
62 Degrees / Cloudy
4.12 Miles
34 Minutes, 14 Seconds

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