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Friday, January 21, 2011

On Pace

This was just not the week for me to be getting up early.

Today, I got up at pretty much the last possible minute I could where I would still have time to go for a run, get a shower, and feed the dog before I had to start working. In most ways, this was bad, because I was rushed, and did not warm up properly, and didn't have any relaxation time between work out and work. In one respect, though, it did give me a bit of an advantage: I didn't have time to worry about the cold.

In fact, it was the pup who finally got me up. Young dogs have a way of making sure that you're up on time for the things that involve them. It's actually kind of funny, because she hasn't woken me up early all week, but today, for her run, she got me up about 90 minutes before her usual time. Oh, God. She's learning.

So I suited up for the run, and she knows that if I put the running shoes on before we go outside, then she's definitely about to go for a run. She started bouncing around the apartment. Whether that was excitement or just impatience at not being taken out the second I woke up, I'm not sure. I'll take it as the first.

The temperature did drop, but it didn't feel nearly as bad as I had expected, mostly because there wasn't any wind (at least in the first half) or rain. Remembering her reluctance last week, I was worried that the cold would make my dog less enthusiastic about her time with me. Fortunately, it appears that it was more the rain and not just the cold that bothered her last week, because the first step I took, she was off like a rocket.

Given the severe drop in temperature, I settled into a pace a little earlier than usual, which worked out nicely for the dog, too, I think. We had a five mile run today, which is a mile longer than she'd been going, but by keeping the pace a little more reasonable, she was able to run with me the entire time without ever really dropping back or slowing down. We did get stopped by a couple streetlights, which was good and bad. It allowed her to catch her breath, but I think it slowed down the time significantly. I always take that time into account when I put up my final time, and today I think it's the reason we were slower than race pace, but I'm not too concerned about it. The pup runs are usually a little slower, and that's fine. This first race, at least, is about doing the distance. If the time is great, that's an added bonus.

Mostly I was impressed at how well-behaved the dog was the entire run. She didn't bark at anyone (something she surprises us with from time to time), and any time I stopped, she immediately sat next to me. When I started up again, I barely had to call her at all. She was just happy to be in step.

We've always been amazed at her level of energy, but it is particularly amazing after a hard run. She comes home and gets this last spurt of adrenaline that has her bouncing off the walls for ten minutes before she tires herself out.

Today, though, we walked in the door, and she immediately laid down. After her breakfast, she tried for the adrenaline run, but it only lasted about 30 seconds. Apparently, it takes 5 miles to tire the dog out. Good to know.

The next 48 hours are going to be rather hectic for me, including two flights, a wedding, a show, picking up a dog, picking up a wife and (somewhere in there) running 18 miles. I thought about doing it tomorrow, but I don't want to spend my few hours up north running along a frozen lake, so I'll have to find the time when I get back.

Once I'm done with this, though, life really gets back to normal for a while. To my knowledge, I don't have any traveling to do through the month of February, which is pretty much unheard of in my world. That means it's time to get myself on a rigid schedule (up at 6 every day), get into a rhythm with my runs and meals, and most importantly, keep myself healthy.

We're 30 days from the Austin Marathon, and I'm feeling good.

Today's Run:
36 Degrees / Clear
5.3 Miles
43 Minutes, 28 Seconds

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